50% Off Waitrose Cook Well

If you’re anything like me then keeping organised can be a challenge. I work a full-time job on top of a full-time degree course as well as a couple of voluntary roles working with children. The last thing I want to do when I eventually get home is cook. This leads to takeaways, microwave meals and worst of all cheap pub food. It’s hard to make time to plan meals that are nutritionally balanced which makes it hard to reach my weight loss goal.

In the past I’ve tried VLCD diets that come pre-packaged such as Diet Chef but found the food appalling. I’ve recently stumbled across a recipe box plan from Waitrose called ‘Cook Well’. Cook Well is a food delivery service that provides fresh, healthy, portioned ingredients for you to cook at home.

A look on their website shows how healthy the meals are. They’ve got a huge variety of nutritionally rich, low fat, healthy meals that are made using only fresh ingredients. As all the ingredients are proportioned most of the recipes take less that 25 mins to cook which would fit into my lifestyle.

DDFitness have teamed up with Waitrose and are able to bring you an offer for 50% off your first taster box using the discount code ‘Green 50’. That means that you could feed two people for three days a nutritionally rich, balanced diet for less than £20.

Click on the banner below to claim the offer and let us knowwhat you think of Waitrose’s Cook Well service in the comments below.


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