Nutrition Plan

Following a Nutrition Plan

Designing a plan for a client can be a tricky process. We ask our very own PT Dave Ward on what makes a good plan. 

“Here at DDFITNESS all we want is for YOU to want to be better. We can give you meal plans and diet plans but until YOU want to lose weight, get fitter, build muscle or do whatever it is in life that you want you are cooking up a recipe for failure. Becoming better than you were yesterday isn’t easy, it is a constant uphill battle. We are here to help you up and over that hill, we want YOU to be better, now let’s do this together.

In your diet plan you will see that meals haven’t been given a specific time, the reason for this is simple: not everybody works the same job and hours, not everybody exercises at the same time and more importantly NOT EVERYONES NEEDS ARE THE SAME.

So what we are going to give to you is a set of meals that you can pick and choose in which order you have them, we will recommend meals for breakfast and your pre and post workout. But again I can’t stress enough that we are ‘RECOMMENDING’ and that’s all we can do as the rest is up to you. We will also provide an estimate of total calories per food and how many grams and calories come from the three macronutrients (Carbohydrates, Fats and Protein). Before we carry on, one thing we can’t recommend enough is to make sure you prepare your meals in advance as this will save you so much time.

So if you have read the articles in the nutrition folder of our website ( you will already know this but first thing in the morning when you wake up you need to fuel your body with essential nutrients. You have to look at it as you have been asleep for between 5 and 9 hours depending on how long you sleep with no nutrients in your body, therefore you are craving food and drink and whatever you put in your body is going to be used straight away to feed your muscles. So make sure what you’re feeding them is going to benefit you in a positive way, this is the best way to get a HUGE head start on your day. So whatever you consume make sure it’s high in protein, of course we want some carbohydrates in there to contribute to providing energy too.

I shouldn’t need to tell you that you need to eat prior to working out, the reasons are simple: you’re providing yourself with more energy for your workout, you can increase muscle anabolism (promote muscle growth) and you also reduce the risk of muscle catabolism (stops muscle breakdown to be used as energy). After your workout is equally as important when consuming nutrients, you need to fuel the muscles with nutrients that are going to replenish emptied glycogen stores and also fuel the muscle recovery systems to prevent muscle soreness and promote muscle growth.

So before we get onto your diet plan, you should try to leave around 3 to 4 hours between each meal unless otherwise stated. Finally, even though we have recommended different meals to eat at different times you DO NOT need to follow the advice, it is simply our ‘ADVICE’. However we believe for you to achieve the best possible results you should follow our diet plans to the best of your ability.”

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